What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

November is American Diabetes Month, an ideal time to take a deeper dive into the disease we hear so much about. Approximately 30.3 million Americans have this disease — that’s about 9.4% of the population. With so many people impacted by this disease, let’s learn more about it. What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic…

How’s Your Hearing?

How’s Your Hearing?

Your ability to hear is one of five precious senses that you use daily to communicate, navigate and enjoy the world. Think of all of the sounds we hear each day: a loved one’s voice, a child’s laughter, a pet purring or barking, music on the radio, news reports, and the voice on the other end of the phone.


How To Meditate…

How To Meditate To Enhance Wellbeing. Meditation is a complementary health practice – meaning it’s a self-care practice that has benefits when practiced in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations. Meditation has multiple benefits for both your physical and mental health: It can reduce stress, lower anxiety, improve quality of sleep, and even help reduce chronic pain.


Meditation: Why You Should Try it

Why You Should Try Meditation. Meditation has earned its spot as a buzzword in modern society—though it’s a practice that originated about 5,000 years ago. You may associate meditation with spiritual traditions including Buddhism and Hinduism, but this ancient practice has now made its way into the secular realm and is considered a complementary health…


When is Snoring a Cause for Concern?

Light snoring isn’t worrisome from an overall health perspective. It may annoy your partner, but it won’t have a serious impact on your overall health. However, snoring can be a symptom of something more serious, especially if you find yourself snoring chronically, night after night. Further, if you can’t stop snoring no matter the sleep…

Snoring 101: Is it a Big Deal if I Snore?

Snoring 101: Is it a Big Deal?

It’s one of those human things that can be embarrassing, annoying, funny and for some, downright dangerous. We’re talking about snoring. If you or a loved one have a tendency to snore, it’s important to educate yourself about when snoring is a light annoyance and when it can be a symptom of a serious sleep…

strategies for safer sun protection

Strategies for Safer Sun Protection

Chemical sunscreens are in the news due to the FDA’s call for more safety data on their primary ingredients. This leaves many searching for strategies for safer sun protection to protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn, skin damage and skin cancer. Oxybenzone, a primary ingredient in chemical sunscreens, is a suspected endocrine disruptor…


PEMF: What are the Benefits?

What are the Benefits of PEMF? As we age, our cells slow down. But what if you could reset your cells? Thanks to a non-invasive therapy called PEMF, you can. What is PEMF? PEMF―short for pulsating electromagnetic frequencies―is a non-surgical therapy used to heal damaged tissues, stimulate organs, and relieve pain. It operates similarly to…

Cold Laser Therapy

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

At PrimeHealth, we consider all healing & treatment options for each patient. The needs of each patient vary greatly, and so does their treatment plan. We create the best course of action for you and build this into your Personalized Wellness Plan. Depending on your unique needs, your plan may include cold laser therapy. If…