Not many doctors will give you hope about healing from chronic, lifelong eczema, but Dr. Rafatjah has done that for me. I went to her hoping to get off of my dependence on high-intensity cortisone ointments and to preserve my fertility. Dr. Rafatjah identified some autoimmune issues that no other doctor or dermatologist had, got me on the right supplements, and helped me make the correct dietary changes. 2 years later I am 99% eczema free (with no medications), and happily pregnant. She is kind, compassionate and listens deeply to her patients. Rather than being told what’s wrong with me and walking away with yet another prescription, she has empowered me with a deep understanding of my body and given the tools to maintain my own health, with her as a supporting partner. This has honestly changed my life in more ways than I can detail here and I would highly recommend her to anyone.