“I began working with the PrimeHealth family this year and have been incredibly impressed with the care I’ve received. From the start, my goal was health optimization through a holistic and integrative perspective – I wanted to work with someone who was interested in the “big picture”, was open to – and perhaps preferred – alternative therapies (naturopathic or otherwise), but who also believed and subscribed to some forms of western medicine if and when appropriate. In my mind, that was an MD who specialized in integrative and functional care, which is exactly what I found at PrimeHealth. While I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve ever received “sub-par” care from other medical professionals, the approach that Dr. R takes is distinct. One of compassion and empathy, atop a foundation of fierce intelligence, acute understanding of medicine and the human body, emergent thinking and absolute desire to help her patients. She takes the approach that “if somebody is hitting you in the head with a hammer, let’s try to figure out why they are hitting you in the head with a hammer and get them to stop hitting you in the head with a hammer….instead of giving you Advil for the headache, or a helmet to blunt the strike”. Stated like this, it seems simple and obvious but perhaps unsurprisingly that had not been my experience prior to PrimeHealth. I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of working with Luke, Janie and Katie in various capacities, without whom PrimeHealth would not be the fluid and comprehensive facility that it is. I’m sure Dr. R would be the first to acknowledge the vital roles each play in supporting their patient’s overall experience and health. Each individually, and collectively, have been communicative, accommodating and supportive through this journey and I can’t recommend them enough.”