“Since I began treatment, I have significantly reduced my allergic reactions and inflammations, identified my most potent food triggers and lost 45 pounds.  If my future self had told my past self that I could feel this healthy, I don’t think I would have believed it.”

Adriel Irons

“Dr. Rafatjah gave me a thorough evaluation that no doctor has ever done before. She gave me personalized recommendations for changes to make that I immediately started to yield noticeable improvements from. I now have an improved energy and focus that I didn’t even know I was lacking and am feeling better than ever.”

Newman Dube

“My health coach, Katie, helped guide me through all of the changes I needed to make in order to ensure my success. After working with PrimeHealth, not only is my thyroid optimal, but my inflammation has decreased significantly and I have lost almost 40 pounds!”

Betsy McLaughlin

I was given a list that goes on and on with restaurant choices in the Denver metro area that offer “clean” eating choices, recipes, and links to websites of food items to try. I’ve lost 25 pounds in four months, and most importantly I have made diet changes that will stick, because I eat deliciously and I am not hungry”

Gordon Bauer

“She makes it a point to always know the latest information, protocols and therapies, which is so important when choosing a doctor. Believe it or not, there are some Functional MD’s who don’t bother to stay current!”

Rebekah Stein

“I searched for 30 years for a truly integrative, holistic internist. I had basically given up, cobbling together various specialists and attempting to direct my own healthcare, when I found Dr. Rafatjah. I knew from the first appointment I had with her that she was going to be a doctor who would look at my health in a truly holistic way – taking into account lifestyle, personality, genetic issues, and tricky health challenges”

Silvia K

“I went to her hoping to get off of my dependence on high intensity cortisone ointments, and to preserve my fertility. Dr Rafatjah identified some autoimmune issues that no other doctor or dermatologist had, got me on the right supplements, and helped me make the correct dietary changes. 2 years later I am 99%  eczema free (with no medications), and happily pregnant.”

Deborah Barak

“She listened to me and helped me get to the root of the symptoms I was experiencing, when I had been dismissed by other professionals.”

Salina Grilli

“Dr. Rafatjah is the most caring and genuine health care providers I’ve worked with. She worked to find what was at the root of my health issues, rather than throw a band-aid on it. It felt more like working with a friend than a doctor.”

Leora Brody

“Working with Dr. Rafatjah and PrimeHealth has been life altering. Within the first 6 months of working with her, I lost 30 lbs, energy has increased, and I reversed pre-diabetes, inflammation, and high cholesterol. “

Elizabeth Hertz