“Dr. Rafatjah is an incredible and brilliant doctor. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She helped me get to the bottom of my chronic gut issues once and for all, and I feel like a new person.”


“Dr. Rafatjah helped me overcome some serious stomach issues using both holistic and western treatments.”

Lana Fern

“She had the expertise and knowledge to heal me of chronic digestive issues that were pretty debilitating. Not even my gastroenterologist was able to help me! I highly recommend her.”

Ricardo Aragon

“I saw Dr. Rafatjah for a year and had a great healing experience. She helped heal my gut issues that I had been suffering from for years, as well as rebalancing my hormone levels.”

Sura Zaatari

“A friend recommended Dr. Rafatjah to me because I was looking for a functional medicine doctor to help with my stomach/digestion issues. She is incredibly knowledgable about current research and an excellent problem solver.“

Courtney Kuntz

“She helped me overcome a digestion issue, which had been plaguing me for years, through diet and supplements, allowing me to avoid heavy duty medications.”

Peter Sweeney

“After 15 years of suboptimal thyroid function, I’m happy to announce my thyroid and I are much healthier and happier”

Susan Schmidt

“She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me a lot with my inflammatory autoimmune condition.”

Lianna Nielsen

“Dr. Rafatjah, Katie and Luke have been life changing and life giving to me the past 6 months.“

Jamie Olivarez

“I had no idea that in less than a year my life could change so much.”

Betsy McLaughlin