“They truly want to understand all factors that could impact your health and take the most comprehensive, professional, and thorough approach I have ever experienced. I feel hopeful and optimistic about my health”

Lauren Smith

“I recommend investing in your health by joining their community – if you are as committed as they are, you will see improvements.”

Amir Mohtashemi

“I can honestly say that Dr. Rafatjah’s approach has changed my life.”

Matt Pietrovito

“This has honestly changed my life in more ways than I can detail here and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Deborah Barak

“Crystal is not only lovely to work with but is incredibly passionate about what she does.”

Olivia Rodriquez

Jen helps you find solutions that work for you and your lifestyle. She has helped me be the healthiest version of myself!”

Lisa Neve

“After working with PrimeHealth, not only is my thyroid optimal, but my inflammation has decreased significantly and I have lost almost 40 pounds! I have so much more energy and life in me than I did last year. “

Betsy McLaughlin

Her desire and determination to help people treat their whole body and not just symptoms is refreshing and absolutely needed.

Leela M.

I can honestly say that Dr. Rafatjah’s approach has changed my life…

Matthew P.

Dr. Rafatjah is a brilliant physician who makes it her job to listen to her patients and looks at the overall picture of health …

Aliye R