Luke Schmidt

Luke Schmidt is a Co-Founder of PrimeHealth. He is passionate about wellness and exceptional healthcare delivery using a personalized, comprehensive, and team-based approach. Prior to co-founding PrimeHealth, Luke built innovative, technology-forward medical startups in New York City where he served as both VP of Business Development for FriendHealth and Operations Manager of Parsley Health. Doing so, he worked with team members from leading healthcare institutions to build cutting-edge services aimed at improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Since beginning his journey in the healthcare industry, Luke has experienced profound improvements in his own health through personalized medicine. He discovered the importance of a whole-body and lifestyle-driven approach first hand. He was driven to co-found PrimeHealth through the incredible impact that seemingly simple lifestyle changes have had on his long and short term health and enjoyment of everyday life, and wants to provide this same service to many more.

Luke Schmidt L