How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism
6 Steps to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism

Weight gain is one of the first symptoms of hypothyroidism and indicates that the endocrine system is experiencing issues.  Can you lose weight when you have hypothyroidism? Yes, you can lose weight with hypothyroidism through lifestyle changes in diet, eating patterns, stress, and workouts. As many as 60% of people with thyroid disease don’t know…

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How To Cure Hypothyroidism Permanently
Can Hypothyroidism Be Cured? For Many The Answer is Yes, Here’s How

Around 15 million Americans have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). However, up to 60% of those with a thyroid disorder are completely unaware of it. Hypothyroidism symptoms include weight gain, memory loss, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Many doctors insist hypothyroidism is incurable and that patients must manage the condition for their entire lives with medications…

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normal thyroid levels
What Are Considered Normal Thyroid Hormone Levels?

Your thyroid gland is an essential part of your endocrine system that secretes hormones that regulate metabolism, heart function, digestion, muscles, brain development, and bone health. In this article, we’ll talk about typical thyroid hormone levels, which tests are important, and what to do if you have hypothyroidism. What are thyroid hormones? Thyroid hormones are…

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Hypothyroidism vs Hyperthyroidism
Hypothyroidism vs Hyperthyroidism: Differences & Treatments

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are both severe thyroid conditions, but they are essentially opposites from one another. Hypothyroidism describes an underactive thyroid, while hyperthyroidism describes an overactive thyroid. About 1% of American adults experience hyperthyroidism, while approximately 5% of American adults experience hypothyroidism. More than half of thyroid disease patients may not know they have thyroid…

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Levothyroxine Side Effects
Levothyroxine Side Effects: What’s Common & What’s Serious

Typical levothyroxine is made up of synthetic thyroid hormones. Conventional doctors prescribe it to most hypothyroidism patients (not hyperthyroidism). However, some types of thyroid hormone medications are better for different people. Common side effects of levothyroxine include fluctuations in weight, mood, appetite, body temperature, tiredness, and menstrual cycle. Some patients experience autoimmune problems when taking…

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hypothyroidism pregnancy
Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy: Screening, Outcomes & Treatment

Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life. However, pregnancy can cause or exacerbate maternal hypothyroidism, also known as hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Hypothyroidism and pregnancy often go hand in hand. 2-3% of women have high TSH levels before conception, which is a major risk factor for thyroid problems. 18% of pregnant mothers test for the presence…

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thyroid supplements
Supplements For Thyroid Health: 10 Natural Options

Dietary supplements for thyroid health can address underlying nutrient deficiencies, stress, and hormonal imbalances, all of which can be root causes of a thyroid disorder. Approaching hypothyroidism with supplements, in addition to lifestyle changes, can often help people to avoid the need for medications in the future. We’ll talk about diagnosing the different root causes…

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Primary Hypothyroidism
Primary Hypothyroidism: Diagnosis, Reversal & Outlook

Primary hypothyroidism is a condition characterized by an underactive thyroid. Your thyroid gland produces a lower than average amount of thyroid hormones, like T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). The prevalence might be higher than you expected. 5 out of every 100 adults in the United States have hypothyroidism. Up to 60% are unaware they have…

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Secondary Hypothyroidism
What Is Secondary Hypothyroidism? Diagnosis & Treatment

Hypothyroidism affects millions of people every year, and many doctors claim it is usually irreversible. Much of the time, people referring to hypothyroidism are talking about primary hypothyroidism, or a disorder of the thyroid gland. However, secondary hypothyroidism is a much rarer disorder. Below, we will talk about what secondary hypothyroidism is, how it’s different…

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hypothyroidism diet
Hypothyroidism Diet Plan: Reverse Symptoms & Heal Your Thyroid

Almost 1 in 20 adults in the United States have hypothyroidism — resulting in decreased production of thyroid hormones. Since virtually all hypothyroidism patients experience weight gain, many of them ask, “How can I lose weight fast with hypothyroidism?” They understandably want to shed a few pounds. But getting rid of excess fat isn’t the…

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