Brain & Mental Health

Brain & Mental Health

Connecting the Bridge Between Mental and Physical Well-Being.

At PrimeHealth, our Denver area Functional Medicine practice uses a whole-body approach to mental health. 

We have helped hundreds of patients take control of their mental well-being by addressing obstacles that stand in the way of emotional balance.

Our patients come from all over Colorado! Mental healthcare is not exclusive to Denver residents.

Long-term healing is within reach. We can help you get there.

What mental health conditions do we treat?

When it comes to your mental health, everything is connected. Our Mental Health Optimization Program utilizes a holistic approach to mental health.

We understand that you are so much more than a chemical imbalance. You’re a person.

Your mental health diagnosis may be caused by several biological factors. For many people and even conventional doctors, the interplay of multiple risk factors is often oversimplified.

At PrimeHealth, we understand the complex systems at play between the mind, body, and spirit.

We are proud to offer a novel approach to mental health that considers each patient’s unique profile. We identify the root cause and address it with safe, integrative treatments.

Our staff works with patients with the following mental health concerns:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia & other sleep disorders
  • Decreased motivation
  • Personality changes, such as irritability

An integrative and functional medicine specialist can also serve as a conjunctive treatment for anger issues or medical dependency.

At PrimeHealth, we identify the root cause of your mental illness concerns for a more effective, balanced approach to whole-body healthcare.

That means we go deeper than many healthcare providers or mental health professionals.  

You don’t have to take medication forever.

We also help people decrease or discontinue psychiatric medications, if desired. Many people get put on antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and sleep medications to treat a short-term problem, but then those people don’t come off of them for a long time. Sometimes for decades! At PrimeHealth, we use compounding pharmacies to formulate precise doses of psychiatric medications, so that when the time comes, we can help you decrease your dose as slowly as you need. In our clinical experience and according to many expert Integrative Psychiatrists, decreasing the dose of psychiatric medications by only 10% per month gives you the best chance of entirely discontinuing the medication.

Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders

Our Mental Health Optimization program offers up to 5-10 times more testing than most conventional mental health services. This testing may include environmental analyses, neurotransmitter assessments, and a detailed look at your gut-brain relationship. Yes, gut conditions like IBS can significantly impact your brain function and mental health.

We go beyond symptom management. 

We consider existing mental health conditions and additional barriers to overall wellness. What is the best doctor to see for mental health? The best doctor to see for mental health depends on your unique mental health concerns. Every person is different. Talk therapy or psychotherapy may meet one patient’s needs, but not another’s. What is the best doctor for depression? The best doctor for depression is a doctor or mental health provider who considers the root cause of your depression before settling on a treatment plan. Mental health issues that stem from substance use disorders require a vastly different approach than depressive symptoms resulting from hormone changes or a bad diet. At PrimeHealth, we consider barriers to mental health in all of our treatment options. Those may include:
Our Colorado member services are designed to optimize your health with evidence-based health plans that get to the root of your symptoms. We employ natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of mental health disorders, which have a lot of positive effects but fewer side effects than pharmaceutical medications.

We want you to feel better. Not just today, but tomorrow, too.

Denver’s Most Comprehensive Mental Health Optimization Program

If you’re ready to improve your mental health and kickstart overall wellness, start your journey with us at PrimeHealth. Each treatment plan is tailored to our Denver and Lakewood patients’ unique needs. We identify those needs by creating a biotype based on each patient’s biochemical and nutritional requirements.

Put simply, we look at all of the factors getting in the way of better mental health.

That may mean stress reduction techniques or getting your hormones back into balance. For patients who need nutrition support, that may include advanced nutrient therapy. With advanced nutrient therapy, we aim to:
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Support a healthy microbiome
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Address nutritional deficiencies
  • Uncover hormonal imbalances
Better mental health is within reach. Better overall health is, too.

Have any questions?

At PrimeHealth Denver, we are proud to offer a wide range of individualized treatments and services to optimize your health. If you have any questions for us about cost of service or whether we’re the right fit for your needs, we’re here for you!

Call the phone number below or reach out to us online to start your journey toward better brain and mental health.

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Are there mental health doctors near me? There are mental health doctors in Denver who treat patients for a variety of mental health conditions. PrimeHealth mental health doctors work with you to take control of your brain and mental health.

You can find doctors in Denver, CO, to employ a holistic approach to your mental wellness. We’re here to help you feel your best from the inside out.

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