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How To Optimize Your Physical Health:

At PrimeHealth Denver, we know that health optimization goes beyond managing symptoms. It means taking a proactive, holistic approach to bring the body back into balance.

We help our patients get to the root of their health concerns and give them the tools they need for life-long physical wellness.    

You can feel better today and tomorrow. You can prevent conditions before they start. You can build sustainable habits for long-term health.

PrimeHealth can show you how to take control of your health.

We are located in the Lakewood area of Denver, CO, but our patients span all of Colorado.

6 Steps To Prevent Disease and Optimize Physical Health

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of optimized physical health, start making proactive changes today.

1. Embrace the healthiest diet for you.

Every body is different, but most bodies don’t respond well to fad diets and weight loss supplements that sound too good to be true (as they likely are!).

Identify gaps in your nutrition and develop a healthy eating routine that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

2. Give yourself a gut check.

Digestive health is a critical component of optimal physical health. Everyone should have at least one easy, solid bowel movement each morning. If that’s not the case, your gut likely needs help.

Gut conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), your sleep hours, and even your self-esteem can affect your gut function.

Follow your gut and take steps to improve your microbiome.

3. Boost your mood.

Your mental health isn’t separate from your physical well-being.

Embrace healthy habits that curb anxiety and depressive symptoms. This could include regular physical activity, sunshine with a walk around Sloan’s Lake, breathwork or meditation, better sleep, adequate hydration, and more. It’s all connected.

4. Combat chronic stress.

Chronic stress can increase inflammation in the body. Your body is not meant to handle long-term stress. While we cannot eliminate all stress, we can undoubtedly change the way we perceive stress and pinpoint major stress factors.

Managing stress is just as important as a healthy diet for optimal health.

5. Balance your hormones.

A hormonal imbalance can keep you from maintaining a healthy weight, mess with your gut, and even lead to high blood pressure. It can also hamper your social health.

An intelligent approach to optimized health considers how conditions like hypothyroidism (thyroid hormones), chronic stress (cortisol), and overall adrenal function affect wellness.

6. Ask for help.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. PrimeHealth’s functional health clinic in Denver can determine what’s standing in your way.

Let’s say you’ve loaded your diet with healthy fats, reduced snacking, and bumped up the cardio with a regular exercise routine. Maybe you’ve even started a regimen of vitamin D and other supplements.

But you’re still not feeling your best.

Lifestyle choices are a big piece of that puzzle, but our strategy is evidence-based and holistic. We look at your whole-body health.

Denver’s Best Health Optimization Program

At PrimeHealth, we provide comprehensive, evidence-based care based on your individual health profile. We give our Lakewood and Denver patients the tools they need for a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness. You can live your best life and feel your best.

How can you optimize your health in 2023?

It starts with a mindset shift.

Optimizing your health is proactive, rather than reactive to existing health conditions. It’s a long-term strategy to help you feel more than just fine.

At PrimeHealth, we want you to feel your absolute best.

To help you get there, we offer the following healing strategies:

  • Evidence-based testing to give us (and you!) a detailed picture of your overall health
  • Personalized nutrition plans designed for your body that go beyond counting carbs
  • Group programs for added layers of accountability and support around health concerns
  • Health coaching around healthy foods, physical fitness, stress relief, detox, and more
  • Collaboration with specialists for patients with existing conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more
  • Honest feedback about medication management and healthy supplement use
  • Proven holistic treatments to improve immune function or reduce allergy symptoms
  • Long-term health strategies for life-long success
  • Personalized IV treatments to help you reach your unique goals.

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