Women’s Health Group Program

Note: This group is available to Colorado residents Only.

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Have you been struggling with unexplained weight gain, irregular or painful periods, fatigue, low libido, infertility, or other signs of hormone imbalance?

Have you tried changing your diet, exercising more, getting on birth control, and other methods to help your hormones, but you haven’t seen the results you were looking for?

We understand what it’s like to struggle with stubborn hormone imbalances, and we have helped hundreds of women get their bodies back into balance naturally.

Our Women’s Health Program provides you with the information, supplements, personalized lab panels, and access to professionals you need to finally understand your body and begin to feel like yourself again.

Women's Health Group Reviews

Better mood, better more restful sleep, clearer skin

Increased energy and better sleep

I've always been terrible at taking supplements, the ease of these has given me an opportunity to start a new routine that's easy to stick with

I have noticed I am starting to sleep better. No longer waking up at 2-3 in the morning and not able to go back to sleep. Feeling better overall.


I feel more energized

This was an excellent group with a lot of information.

I have been getting improved sleep

I feel more energy and more balanced

Starting to see improvement in my skin and overall stress levels

Amazing program! So much useful information

It has made me much more aware of what I should be paying attention to for optimal health

This is not your average hormone balancing group program.

Your health journey needs to be as unique as you are. That’s why we run bloodwork to analyze your hormones and labs that measure your adrenal function. We then review the labs in great detail as a group and provide space to ask questions to an expert Functional Medicine Provider. 

Included in the cost of this program are two full months of hormone-balancing supplements, hand-picked by our functional medicine doctors to support your hormone health while you’re in the program.

This program applies to you no matter the season of life you’re in.

The root cause of hormone imbalance, whether you are in menopause, perimenopause, struggling with infertility, or experiencing painful periods, is linked to inflammation. 

We help you pinpoint where that inflammation is coming from and implement the diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocol necessary to help you start feeling better.

Here’s what you get:

  • Eight group sessions led by Dr. Soyona Rafatjah and Jennifer Drevlow.
  • A comprehensive look at your unique blood biochemistry We utilize bloodwork to test ~30 essential markers ($659 value)
  • Testing of your Adrenal Glands, including cortisol levels (retail $299)
  • Two months’ worth of hormone healing supplements to aid in your body’s rebalancing ($380 value)
  • Hormone balancing cooking class to take the guesswork out of how to make dietary changes sustainable ($75 value)
  • Three detox sessions in our state-of-the-art infrared sauna, plus the option to add additional sessions at a discounted fee ($75 value)
  • The PrimeHealth Metabolic Clearing Program cookbook (retail $25)
  • HeartMath device for the duration of the program (retails at $199)

The total value of this program: $6,037

Your cost: $1,200 (or two payments of $650)

You won’t find another program like this out there.

Yes, there are courses and programs that help people learn about hormones, but we haven’t seen any that include blood work, supplements, time with doctors, nor the additional perks of sauna therapy and in-person cooking classes. 

You will walk away from this program with the knowledge you need to maintain lasting health.

Why the Group Setting (Compared to One-on-One Appointments)?

  1. BETTER RESULTS: Studies prove the accountability of connecting with a network of like-minded people improves health outcomes.
  2. COMMUNITY: Group programs remind us that we are not alone. Feel heard and supported in an empathetic, judgment-free healing space, and connect with participants who share your goals.
  3. AFFORDABILITY: A group setting means spending much less money to balance your hormones and address your condition.

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