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Below is just a sample of our Functional Medicine patients’ testimonials from the Denver area. PrimeHealth Denver is located at 6001 W 16th Ave in Lakewood, CO  80214. 

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Rose Marie Carter

Dr. Rafatjah changed my life. My food and lifestyle looked like I was perfectly healthy, but I never felt well. She started with my gut health and worked her way from there. Because she is so thorough she found my mercury levels were high- since seeing her I have my energy back and my skin rashes stopped, I feel amazing. She also takes the time to really hear you, she truly cares about the whole person, mind, body and spirit. I will always be grateful that she came into my life.

Lianna Nielsen

I had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Rafatjah for a year (before she moved away). She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me a lot with my inflammatory autoimmune condition. Unlike most doctors, she really takes the time to listen. She works with you to find the best and most affordable solution for you. I would absolutely recommend working with her if you are looking for a new doctor (and even if you aren’t).

Christina Rohm

I highly recommend Dr. Soyona Rafatjah. I knew something was “off” in my body and, after she ordered extensive blood work for me, she was able to diagnosis my rare condition. She then devised a creative and personalized treatment plan which improved and even reversed many of my symptoms. I feel so much better today because of the excellent care she provided.

Leora Brody

Dr. Rafatjah is the most caring and genuine health care providers I’ve worked with. She worked to find what was at the root of my health issues, rather than throw a band-aid on it. It felt more like working with a friend than a doctor. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a mind/body approach to healing.

J AdeS

During the time she was my doctor, Dr. Rafatjah was clearly dedicated to my well being and I am very grateful. She would come up with myriad options for how to address my asthma and RA until we found things that worked. She was patient and good at listening and was able to explain complicated things clearly. I was sad to see her leave NYC, where I live.

Jo-Ann Simpson

When my primary physician of more than 15 years retired, I lamented ever finding another doctor that I felt comfortable with – one that really listened and was sensitive to my concerns, in addition to being extremely competent – until I met Dr. Rafatjah. Her recommendations and assistance have been life-changing.

Olivia Matteis

Dr. Rafatjah spent quality time and attention with me, which is hard to come by these days, especially when there is no clear answer as to what is wrong. She was always available to chat and responded in a timely manner. She approached my issues head-on and came up with out of the box solutions to promote healing in a more natural way. New York is going to miss Dr. Rafatjah!

Sura Zaatari

I saw Dr. Rafatjah for a year and had a great healing experience. She’s extremely empathetic and understanding. I loved her holistic approach to tackling issues and her attention to detail. She helped heal gut issues that I had been suffering from for years, as well as rebalancing my hormone levels. I always appreciated that she took the time to explain things and made herself readily available any time I had more questions or concerns.

Anna Brugioni

Dr. Rafatjah is the best physician I have seen in years. She is empathetic, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable. She approaches medical issues in a holistic, 360-degree view and is dedicated to getting to the root cause of problems, rather than just throwing more pharmaceuticals at her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Rafatjah.

Steve Savitz

I had a really positive experience working with Dr. Rafatjah. I was one of her first patients right out of the gate and I threw her a lot of medical curveballs (I have an odd constellation of issues, to say the least), and she never seemed to get flustered or throw her hands up in the air like so many hotshot specialists I’ve seen at NYU and Columbia, etc. It was a dream to have a forward-thinking holistic minded MD as my primary care doc. She’s also very empathetic, personable and optimistic. Most of my docs don’t remember my case the minute I walk out the door. I highly recommend Dr. Rafatjah. She honestly cares about her patients.

Mary Ann Rounseville

Dr. R is an incredible doctor and person. I worked with her for over a year on auto-immune and thyroid issues. She looks at your whole health from lifestyle, diet, stress management, and more. She’s extremely knowledgeable about natural and functional practices as well as traditional ones, but she always looks at the underlying roots of issues and disease. She has an incredibly kind manner and will spend the time to get to know you. She’s treating you more like a partner in your health, not just a patient who is looking to take a pill. I would highly recommend her to anyone and would give her more stars if I could.

Susan Schmidt

As a healthcare provider myself, I found that I was confused and misguided when it came to optimizing my own health. I decided to work with Dr. Rafatjah to sort it all out and she did not disappoint! After 15 years of suboptimal thyroid function, I’m happy to announce my thyroid and I am much healthier and happier – thank you, Dr. R., Your knowledge and skill as a doctor are admirable only outshined by your warm, compassionate and gentle nature. I appreciate every minute of care you have given me.

Deborah Barak

Not many doctors will give you hope about healing from chronic, lifelong eczema, but Dr. Rafatjah has done that for me. I went to her hoping to get off of my dependence on high-intensity cortisone ointments and to preserve my fertility. Dr. Rafatjah identified some autoimmune issues that no other doctor or dermatologist had, got me on the right supplements, and helped me make the correct dietary changes. 2 years later I am 99% eczema free (with no medications), and happily pregnant. She is kind, compassionate and listens deeply to her patients. Rather than being told what’s wrong with me and walking away with yet another prescription, she has empowered me with a deep understanding of my body and given the tools to maintain my own health, with her as a supporting partner. This has honestly changed my life in more ways than I can detail here and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Silvia K

I searched for 30 years for a truly integrative, holistic internist. I had basically given up, cobbling together various specialists and attempting to direct my own healthcare, when I found Dr. Rafatjah. I knew from the first appointment I had with her that she was going to be a doctor who would look at my health in a truly holistic way – taking into account lifestyle, personality, genetic issues, and tricky health challenges. Thoroughness is her hallmark, and it is remarkable to find that quality in a doctor who is also very open to my own ideas about healthcare. Dr. Rafatjah is a talented doctor who is responsive, accessible, and compassionate to boot.

G. Alhadeff

Dr. Rafatjah is the thoughtful experienced doctor I’d been looking for, who practices new—integrative and holistic—medicine with a thorough knowledge of allopathic medicine and has an astounding capacity for asking the right questions and searching out a successful and very individualized therapy. A gifted wonderful physician.

Adriel Irons

My experience with Dr. Rafatjah has been immensely rewarding. I have struggled with allergies and inflammation my entire life. When I first sought her care in November of 2016, I had already been through two sinus surgeries, several ENTs, and more primary care docs and specialists than I could count. Dr. R’s holistic, total body approach and empathetic manner really guided me down a path to health that, while not always easy, has been lasting. Since I began treatment, I have significantly reduced my allergic reactions and inflammations, identified my most potent food triggers and lost 45 pounds. If my future self had told my past self that I could feel this healthy, I don’t think I would have believed it. I highly recommend Dr. Rafatjah, not just for her manner and approach, but for her results.