Tasia Lane

Matasia, commonly known as Tasia, is our Practice Manager at PrimeHealth. Tasia graduated from the University of Vermont, where she developed her passion for global and local food systems. While navigating her life-long health issues, she was led to a naturopathic doctor who addressed her ailments from a holistic and food-based approach.

Finding relief through this experience and a subsequent paradigm shift inspired her to pursue a career path that provided high-quality food and integrative healthcare to people in all spheres. Through her 200-hour Yoga Instructor certification program, she learned the importance of incorporating a mind-body connection on the journey to optimal health.

Tasia’s connection and understanding of integrative medicine led her to PrimeHealth, where she is fervent about providing a supportive experience for our patients and practitioners simultaneously.

In her free time, you may find Tasia at local farmer’s markets, practicing yoga and paddle boarding with her dog, June.