Our Approach

Our care is based on leading research, a whole-body approach, and finding and addressing the root cause of your condition. 

The body is a network of interdependent systems, with each organ system affecting all others. The beauty of a whole-body approach to medical care is that when one system improves, all others also tend to improve.

We help uncover the root causes of conditions to begin the process of life-long healing. We focus on removing factors that hinder optimal function while supplying those needed to thrive. 

The Conventional Healthcare Approach

By contrast, the conventional healthcare model treats the body as disconnected organ systems (i.e., respiratory, nervous, digestive) and wrongly assumes that they operate independently. It makes the false and harmful assumption that treating a disease in one system does not affect the others.

Take the example of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If this digestive tract disease is treated with routinely prescribed acid-blocking medications (PPIs), your risk of dementia (a brain disease), pneumonia (a lung disease), and hip fractures (a bone disease) all increase (1,2,3).

Instead, at PrimeHealth, we aim to resolve the underlying issue causing GERD while preserving and improving other systems.

The PrimeHealth Denver Approach

At PrimeHealth, we use a Functional Medicine approach, understanding that all organs communicate biochemically (by signaling molecules in the blood and lymph), mechanically (by connective tissues that line each organ), and energetically (by electromagnetic waves that travel throughout our bodies).

Intuitively and experientially, this model makes perfect sense.

In medical training, providers are taught to treat solely using “standard of care” for each condition, which often includes medications that block normal bodily processes while neglecting more effective approaches.

At PrimeHealth, our team stays on top of the latest research to provide the best care possible while minimizing harm. This is why we believe in using Translational Medicine as a part of our treatment approach.

Our team will help you discover the root causes of disease during your 90-minute Initial Comprehensive Visit and through the ordering and analyzing in-depth Diagnostic Testing.

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