Prime Healthspan Duration (PHD)

We have created a process to help you achieve your Prime Healthspan Duration (PHD). Healthspan is defined as the time in your life that is spent healthy and free from chronic illness.

Using these six steps as a roadmap, we help you to live a long, healthy life full of vibrancy and functionality, and will provide continuous support.

Prime Healthspan Duration (PHD)

We help you achieve this through 6 critical steps:

  1. Lifestyle Foundations
    1. Nutrition
    2. Movement
    3. Relaxation
    4. Sleep Optimization
    5. Community
    6. Purpose
  2. Nutrient & Vitamin Optimization
  3. Gut Optimization
  4. Detoxification (Internal & External)
  5. Metabolic Optimization
  6. Hormone Optimization

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