Doctor Visits and Comprehensive Yearly Physical

As a PrimeHealth member, you receive doctor visits and a comprehensive yearly physical. We provide as many visits as necessary to work towards optimal health. As our patient, we work directly for you, without 3rd parties restricting the number or length of visits.

Your 90-minute Comprehensive Yearly Physical and doctor’s visits will include ordering and reviewing all testing pertinent to your health. Our testing and analysis goes far beyond that of a typical conventional doctor, Functional Medicine & Integrative Medicine doctor, or specialist, and is integral to understanding your unique needs.

Shockingly, studies show that a conventional yearly physical does nothing to improve mortality or prevent disease (1,2). They are typically brief and include scant, superficial blood work, and general recommendations.

Our solution is a medical practitioner and team that truly knows and understands you, and possesses the time and knowledge required to take control of your health.

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Doctor Visits and Comprehensive Yearly Physical

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