Geriatrics and Healthy Aging

Geriatrics and Healthy Aging

Many factors contribute to graceful aging and living a long, full and healthy life. We care for adults of all ages and are here to help make aging as enjoyable as possible. 

There are many lifestyle interventions that contribute to healthy and happy aging well into our later years. Much light is shed on optimal strategies by studying centenarians in so-called “Blue Zones” of the world.

These strategies include, among other factors, optimal diet compositions and consumption techniques, correcting sleep disturbances, healthy stress-relief practices, maintaining a purpose, enjoying wine, eat with family and friends, increased movement, maintaining hobbies, nurturing spirituality, volunteering, and community involvement (1).

In addition to lifestyle interventions, we can prevent age-related chronic disease (** Link to blog about preventive and robust testing here) by addressing diseases before they become paramount. We monitor and help optimize your health using thorough testing and close attention by your doctor and health coach.


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