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How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism
6 Steps to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism

Weight gain is one of the first symptoms of hypothyroidism and indicates that the endocrine system is experiencing issues.  Can you lose weight when you have hypothyroidism? Yes, you can lose weight with hypothyroidism through lifestyle changes in diet, eating patterns, stress, and workouts. As many as 60% of people with thyroid disease don’t know…

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MTHFR Gene Mutation
What Is an MTHFR Gene Mutation?

An MTHFR gene mutation is an inherited variation of the MTHFR gene, which may lead to pregnancy and birth complications. Nothing can cause your MTHFR gene to mutate. You simply inherit it from your mother and/or father. This condition is fairly common. In the US, this mutation is found in about 25 percent of people…

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how to prevent alzheimers
How to Prevent Alzheimer’s: Strategies for Early Prevention

It’s one of the most-asked questions in current medicine: How do I prevent Alzheimer’s disease?  Early prevention shows great promise for lowering the risk of cognitive decline. The sooner prevention can start, the better the outcome. What’s more, these methods can result in a boost in wellness starting right now. Here are the top research-backed…

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Alzheimers Diet
Alzheimer’s Diet: 16 Foods To Fight Dementia + What to Avoid

The best diet for Alzheimer’s is Dr. Bredesen’s KetoFLEX 12/3 diet, which is a keto diet mixed with metabolic flexibility. It encourages 12-hour fasting periods every day, including at least 3 hours of fasting before bedtime. This slightly-flexible ketogenic diet can lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. In the earliest stages of…

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natural remedies for IBS
11 Natural Remedies for IBS [Backed by Science]

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic disorder that affects the digestive system. Signs and symptoms of IBS include cramping, abdominal pain, stool irregularities, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea or constipation.  Living with IBS can be frustrating — the side effects on your everyday life are significant. IBS can be caused by a vast number of…

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IBS symptoms female
13 Common IBS Symptoms in Females

Irritable bowel syndrome, commonly known as IBS, is an intestinal disorder affecting 11% of the global population that can be experienced as a collection of symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation.  The first signs of IBS are abdominal pain along with changes in bowel habits. Women are more likely to have IBS…

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Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's
Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s: Does It Fight Dementia?

The food you eat has an enormous impact on your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Recent studies hint that coconut oil can be a helpful element in the fight against dementia as part of an anti-inflammatory diet, along with healthy lifestyle choices. Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects brain function. It can…

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Secondary Hypothyroidism
What Is Secondary Hypothyroidism? Diagnosis & Treatment

Hypothyroidism affects millions of people every year, and many doctors claim it is usually irreversible. Much of the time, people referring to hypothyroidism are talking about primary hypothyroidism, or a disorder of the thyroid gland. However, secondary hypothyroidism is a much rarer disorder. Below, we will talk about what secondary hypothyroidism is, how it’s different…

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