“Dr Rafatjah is the thoughtful experienced doctor I’d been looking for, who practices new—integrative and holistic—medicine with a thorough knowledge of allopathic medicine and has an astounding capacity for asking the right questions and searching out a successful and very individualized therapy. A gifted wonderful physician.”

G Alhadeff

“My experience with Dr. Rafatjah has been immensely rewarding. I have struggled with allergies and inflammation my entire life. When I first sought her care in November of 2016, I had already been through two sinus surgeries, several ENTs, and more primary care docs and specialists than I could count.  Dr. R’s holistic, total body approach and empathetic manner really guided me down a path to health that, while not always easy, has been lasting.”

Adriel Irons

“I went to her hoping to get off of my dependence on high intensity cortisone ointments, and to preserve my fertility. Dr Rafatjah identified some autoimmune issues that no other doctor or dermatologist had, got me on the right supplements, and helped me make the correct dietary changes. 2 years later I am 99%  eczema free (with no medications), and happily pregnant.”

Deborah Barak

“If every doctor were as bright and empathic as Dr. Rafatjah, the world would be a much happier and healthier place.”

Mary Lenas

“Dr. R is an incredible doctor and person. I worked with her for over a year on auto-immune and thyroid issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone and would give her more stars if I could.”

M Rounseville

“She never seemed to get flustered or throw her hands up in the air like so many hot shot specialists I’ve seen at NYU and Columbia, etc. It was a dream to have a forward-thinking holistic minded MD as my primary care doc”

Steve Savitz

“At a time when healthcare has become increasingly anonymous, Dr. Rafatjah treats her patients with the utmost respect, and her care is spot on”


“Dr. Rafatjah is the best physician I have seen in years.  She is empathetic, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable. “

Anna Sedgwick

“Dr. Rafatjah is the most caring and genuine health care providers I’ve worked with. She worked to find what was at the root of my health issues, rather than throw a band-aid on it. It felt more like working with a friend than a doctor.”

Leora Brody

“Working with Dr. Rafatjah and PrimeHealth has been life altering. Within the first 6 months of working with her, I lost 30 lbs, energy has increased, and I reversed pre-diabetes, inflammation, and high cholesterol. “

Elizabeth Hertz