“Over the course of 6 months, I’ve seen an incredible difference in my body, skin, and my digestive system and this is only 6 months in! “

Olivia Rodriquez

“I’ve had the pleasure to be treated by Jennifer Wood, NP.  She is an extremely knowledgeable Functional Medicine Practitioner and thorough in her testing, interpretation and treatment.  My autoimmune conditions improved under her care.  I highly recommend her.”

Ernie Sica

“Jen Wood is the most amazing practitioner.  She is professional, caring, straightforward, and very knowledgeable.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.”

Julie Korotkin

“Jen Wood is an amazing provider!! She is thorough, thoughtful, open-minded, non-judgemental, and kind. She cares about what is happening to you physically, emotionally and spiritually and realizes they all impact your health.

Lisa Neve

“Dr. David Ward is incredible! I couldn’t be luckier to have been referred to the PrimeHealth team by a friend & have the opportunity to work with Dr. Ward. He is a great physician whose demeanor is both kind & caring!

Rachel Sweeney

“After a lifetime of stomach problems, visits to specialists and testing, I had become resigned to the fact that even though I was a physician with access to the best medical care, no one could help me.  Then I met Dr. Rafatjah and began to learn about functional medicine.  Within 4 months of implementing her program, my lifelong stomach issues disappeared.  In addition to that I have more energy, my brain fog has disappeared and I have lost 20 unwanted pounds.”

Karen J

“Dr. Rafatjah is an incredible and brilliant doctor. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She helped me get to the bottom of my chronic gut issues once and for all, and I feel like a new person.”


“Dr. Rafatjah helped me overcome some serious stomach issues using both holistic and western treatments.”

Lana Fern

“She had the expertise and knowledge to heal me of chronic digestive issues that were pretty debilitating. Not even my gastroenterologist was able to help me! I highly recommend her.”

Ricardo Aragon

“I saw Dr. Rafatjah for a year and had a great healing experience. She helped heal my gut issues that I had been suffering from for years, as well as rebalancing my hormone levels.”

Sura Zaatari