“I knew something was “off” in my body and, after she ordered extensive blood work for me, she was able to diagnosis my rare condition. She then devised a creative and personalized treatment plan which improved and even reversed many of my symptoms. I feel so much better today because of the excellent care she provided.”

Christina Rohm

“Dr. Rafatjah is clearly passionate about her work and about using data and cutting-edge clinical research to (1) find the root cause of her patients’ ailments, (2) apply evidence-based, lower risk holistic approaches to reach optimal outcomes, and (3) follow through with her patients to ensure a successful outcome and adjust course if/when necessary. If you’ve ever been to a doctor in this country, you’ll know that this level of care and attention is quite rare and something special”

Nader Hashemian

“Dr. Rafatjah changed my life. My food and lifestyle looked like I was perfectly healthy, but I never felt well. She started with my gut health  and worked her way from there. Because she is so thorough she found my mercury levels were a high- since seeing her I have my energy back and my skin rashes stopped, I feel amazing. She also takes the time to really hear you, she truly cares about the whole person, mind, body and spirit. I will always be grateful that she came into my life.”

Rose Marie Carter

“Dr Rafatjah and Prime Health are the epitome of what healthcare should be. She is grounded, caring, wicked smart, and treats patients as valued members of the team”

Jordan Bernard

“Would highly recommend Dr Rafatjah and Prime Health Denver to anyone and would trust them with treating my family members”

Michael Jurewicz, MD

“She is highly intelligent and still compassionate in her care. She has been treating me for over a year now, and has helped me achieve my healthiest state”

Varsha Sinha, MD

“If you’re searching for hands-on, detailed, and attentive care- PrimeHealth is the answer. Dr. Rafatjah is absolutely incredible in her approach, knowledge, and care. She’s stunningly insightful and her team is very helpful.”

Kyle Ullsperger

“So grateful to have met Dr. Rafatjah. She was recommended to me through a friend, and it’s hands down been one of the best recommendations I’ve ever had.”

Laura Lee

“Dr Rafatjah is a brilliant physician who makes it her job to listen to her patients and looks at the overall picture of health (not just the absence of disease)! She is kind, compassionate, and always learning more to help others who have been unsatisfied with the current medical system.”

Aliye Runyan

“I started working with Crystal after being in a major car accident in February 2020. Inflammation and gut health have been two of the main areas of focus. She is experienced, knowledgeable, thorough – and one heck of a nice human to boot. I am so grateful to have the guidance of Crystal. This program is a commitment to your health, but it’s already paid for itself for me. Thank you Crystal and thank you PrimeHealth.”

Rebecca Allanson