Structured Water: What Is It and Is It Worth the Hype?

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Structured water, also called EZ or magnetized water, is water that is altered to form a hexagonal molecular structure. Its existence is scientifically proven only in very particular conditions, but some scientists are already touting its benefits.

Proponents claim structured water contains fewer pollutants, higher vibrational charges, and more optimal pH levels than standard water. The effects of this would mean it’s better for the immune system, more hydrating, and optimizes the bioavailability of essential nutrients. 

This would make structured water treatment better for your health than simple tap water, filtered water, or even water bottles.

Water of this molecular structure may naturally exist in glacier melt, natural spring water, and unspoiled water sources. 

Thanks to new technology, you may even structure your own water at home with a magnetic wand, special filtration, or infrared/UV light exposure.

Keep reading to discover the potential benefits of structured water and whether the science holds up.

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What Is Structured Water?

Structured water is a more natural, hydrating form of water, according to structured water proponents such as pioneer Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington.

When water approaches a water-loving (hydrophilic) material, it structures into molecular hexagons, becoming a 4th phase of water — in between liquid water and solid ice. This 4th phase is called structured water. 

This structure of water has 3 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms.

When this structured water is processed or polluted, it loses one hydrogen and one oxygen atom, changing it into H₂O as we know it.

Other names for this special type of water include:

  • Exclusion zone (EZ) water
  • Magnetized water
  • Hexagonal water
  • Biological water
  • Interfacial water
  • Coherent water
  • Ordered water
  • H₃O₂
  • 4th phase of water

Advocates claim that typical H₂O water is filled with contaminants like fluoride or chlorine, made of asymmetrical crystal structures, that rob it of its hydrating and healing properties by unnatural human processes.

These folks also claim that structured H₃O₂ water occurs naturally, contains more available oxygen, and encourages nutrient absorption. When water is structured, bio-magnetism amplifies the water’s magnetic field. The idea is that when your water is “coherent,” your brainwaves become similarly coherent.

How Is Structured Water Made?

There are many ways to create structured water. A primary method of structuring water is with a magnetic wand — a method some call “vortexing water,” though that term can also refer to swirling water without magnets.

You can also “filter” your water through stones or leave it out in the sun, mimicking natural processes that water experiences. UV and infrared light exposure both may structure regular water, similar to how the light radiation from the sun likely does this in nature.

Possible Health Benefits of Structured Water

Some health benefits of structured water are backed by small studies or animal studies. Others are largely unresearched claims that should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Better Hydration

A primary claim of structured water proponents is that hydration is increased. Due to the strong hexagonal shape of EZ water molecules, our cells should more efficiently absorb it, leading to better or faster hydration, higher energy levels, and less fatigue.

Although there is anecdotal evidence for this benefit, the claim that structured water provides better hydration is mostly theoretical at this point. It makes sense, but studies have yet to be conducted that confirm this theory.

It’s worth pursuing, since better hydration would benefit many health processes such as digestion, toxin removal, and lessening IBS symptoms.

Increased Nutrient Absorption

Structured water may increase your digestive system’s absorption of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins).

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Antioxidant Support

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that wreak havoc on your cells. Free radicals have an unpaired electron that negatively reacts with cells in the human body. Antioxidants accept this unpaired electron, disallowing free radicals from damaging cells.

Structured water seems to possess antioxidant properties, reducing the damage caused by free radicals (oxidative stress). Reducing oxidative stress may slow the aging process, prevent IBS, and promote a general sense of well-being.

According to one study (performed by a structured water company), drinking structured water may reduce your biological age by up to 12 years due to its antioxidant properties.

Reduces Harmful Oral Bacteria

A small human study showed that magnetized water as a mouthwash reduced harmful bacteria in the mouth.

That study did not compare magnetized water against normal water. Some researchers are exploring whether the antibacterial effects of magnetized water extend beyond dental health (gut health, perhaps) or are contained to the mouth.


Structured water has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, regulate blood sugar levels, and reduce diabetes-related DNA damage in diabetic rats.

Is Structured Water Worth the Hype?

The science is young on structured water, and there’s currently a lot of hype without much evidence. There are almost certainly benefits to unprocessed and unpolluted water, but “magnetized water” may not achieve the benefits you’re hoping for.

The very existence of structured water is up for debate. Dr. Gerald Pollack has reliably demonstrated that EZ water exists in microscopic quantities in specific conditions. However, researchers have yet to show that EZ water maintains its structure without those conditions or when ingested.

Pollack gave a TEDx Talk in 2013 explaining his team’s findings. He showed how EZ water held a negative charge next to hydrophilic material while unstructured bulk water took a positive charge. Using this demonstration, Dr. Pollack focused on the possibility of energy production using sunlight’s interaction with EZ water, rather than the health benefits.

An optimistic 2021 review of animal studies concluded that one month of structured water consumption increased:

  • Growth rate
  • Reduced oxidative stress
  • Alleviated symptoms of diabetes
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Better semen quality

This more critical 2020 scientific review offers alternate explanations for the presence of EZ water near hydrophilic surfaces, besides a restructured fourth phase of water, which Pollack proposes.

Should You Give It a Try?

If you’re interested in trying structured water, you should! While some of the evidence of its benefits is less well-defined, it’s certainly not harmful.

It logically makes sense that the type and amount of water that we drink makes a huge difference in how our bodies function, given that our bodies are made of around 60% water by weight. 

It also makes sense that having our water source be as close to the type of water that we consumed in Paleolithic times would be the best for our overall health. Think: From a fresh spring, moving body of water that is exposed to sunlight, and filled with minerals.

Unfortunately, the water that comes from the tap in most of our homes is far cry away from this.

Whether you’re trying structured water or just water that’s closer to our evolutionary roots, hydrating with high-quality water is a must.

Structured Water vs. Distilled Water?

Structured water is different from distilled water.

Distillation is a method that turns water into vapor and then back into liquid to remove impurities. But this process also removes natural minerals and changes structured water into regular water, as per those studying EZ water.

Structured Water vs. Reverse Osmosis Water

Structured water is ionized, according to some EZ water experts.

Reverse osmosis is a human process that pressurizes water through a semipermeable membrane, demineralizing and deionizing the water. Structured water proponents call this ”dead water.”

How to Access Structured Water

Where do you get structured water from? You can get structured water by buying it or making your own.

Some claim you can alter the structure of water by pouring it through rocks or leaving it out in the sun. Others swear by their magnetic wands to magnetize the water and give it a hexagonal structure. 

The most scientific way is to utilize a hydrophilic material, but researchers are unsure how long this EZ water maintains its healthful structure.

Structured water is available on Amazon. There are also products that claim to structure water out of your tap. These structured water devices include MAYU Swirl, Highbrow’s EZ water filter, and the popular Analemma water wand.

Even if structured water is not backed by much science yet, drinking filtered water is still good for you. 

Be careful to drink water straight from the tap without filtering it, as it can be polluted with things like pesticides, formaldehyde, and even flushes medication. When choosing bottled water, opt for water in a glass bottle and not from plastic, as the plastic leaches into the water, especially in warmer temperatures. 

Staying hydrated may prevent IBS symptoms, headaches, fatigue, overheating, and so much more.

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